"They bring the groceries--I do the cooking!"

My ideal commission partner delivers me great content with important personal narratives.

I thrive on a balance of art direction and creative freedom.


Thanks so much for making inquiry as to my custom artworks ~ I delight in making special art for my clients' walls or for their gifting. As with any commissioned art task, I like to get the Four D's out of the way--and then set course for a stellar collaborative result.




•the subject matter you bring, details about the gift recipient where applicable, the room where it may hang. I invite your photos, suggestions, and information such as the colors you adore/don't!

Because I often shuttle bus between different projects, it helps immensely to have these emailed to me for easy archiving.




•at $50/hour, I'm able to assess clearly (in advance) the final price tag inclusive of my materials. Some artists charge by the inch, not so here. In thirty years of freelancing, I pride myself on accurately predetermining the price tag.

Shipping of my artworks via UPS is available, though not included in my fee.




•Canvases are readily available in an array of sizes. (On the rare occasion, Special dimensions may require custom stretching of canvas and an additional fee is charged)

Please also specify whether you'd like the artwork to be designed in  a horizontal or vertical orientation.




•if your special painting will be for a gifting occasion, it helps me immensely to know that from the outset. If it is to be shipped, please account for that in determining my schedule of completion. Clients traditionally pick up finished work at my 3rd Floor Fairhaven paint studio, though special arrangements can be made upon request.


Thanks again,

I will look forward to hearing from you and developing something beautiful and personal.


Yours in color,


"All of my paintings strive to tell a story~ so it is fascinating for me to add my clients' narrative to my well-honed creative process. I tackle these projects as "life portraits" --such as distilling a tire swing moment in childhood, or the stories that are at the heartbeat of a residential portrait. Stylized whimsy melds with emotional accuracy. It's an honor and a challenge I relish!"



"Our home is so much more than bricks and mortar - it’s a buzzing, happy, messy hive filled with busy boys, a menagerie of animals, and two people still crazy in love after all these years. With this work, Ben has managed to distill these qualities of our everyday life into a painting in a way that photography simply cannot. He worked closely with us to capture the details that were important while at the same time giving us a new, fresh perspective on our home. We look forward to enjoying this for many years, and as a family that has needed to move every so often, we are comforted knowing that we’ll always have a piece of home, wherever our travels may take us."